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It Is Time To Thank Hollywood, Instead Of Blaming it

Dear Readers,

I have read through this very first feature of the new re-vamped Hollywood Insider over and over again. No matter how many times I think on the topic, I am reminded of my personal goal for this media platform/magazine. Hollywood Insider focuses on substance and meaningful entertainment and is against the barrage of gossip and scandal that has infested journalism. With that in mind, I would like to begin by thanking Hollywood for its prolific contribution, the #metoo and #timesup movements.

The much needed revolutions have arrived and once and for all, people from around the world have united in solidarity. The mantras to heal them all: #metoo #timesup. And what was once a whisper has become a rallying cry for the many survivors of harassment, exploitation and discrimination. The resulting outcry has taken down an entire institution, and has led to reverberations throughout other industries here and around the globe. After long, the masses have once again rattled the thrones of those that abuse the power and privilege of their classes, whether it be inherited or earned. The little Davids have taken down the giant Goliaths. Except,  the little Davids were joined by multitudes of Joan of Arcs. Rightly so, it had gone unchecked for far too long. And that industry known as Hollywood/Cinema became the one to speak up for all. Someone had rightly said – media when used right can be the sharpest tool to transform the world. And when that industry that is synonymous with media – decides to band together and commit to positive change– it can be POWERFUL and TRANSFORMATIONAL. Media and Hollywood are powerful tools, if and when utilized with a conscience.

Sexual exploitation is as old as human civilization itself. Wherever there has existed a hierarchy, abuse of all kinds has been rampant. But this is the first time in recorded history, where an entire global population has united and spoke up to end sexual harassment. The simple #metoo mantra  started by professionals in Hollywood, allowed victims all over the world, a safe haven from which they felt strong enough to speak up. This was prompted by those few in Hollywood, who risked their careers and at times, their own lives, to simply tell their entire trauma in two words made up of five letters and one symbol, #metoo. Courage is truly contagious. Those that had stayed in shadows for years, felt safe enough to free themselves and the ordeal they had been through. Social media became witness to individuals from all walks of life, multiple industries and most countries to chant ME TOO! ME TOO! ME TOO! TIMES UP! TIMES UP! TIMES UP! Thank you Hollywood.

Instead of blaming Hollywood, lets commend its power to bring down many of its Caesars that had exploited the massses. Let’s refute the usual rhetorics:

  1. “Hollywood is the main industry where sexual exploitation and abuse is rampant”
    1. The raised voices and #metoo updates from professionals in all industries, is proof alone, that sexual harassment is a disease that affects all industries and not just Hollywood or media. Just like physical illness, sexual exploitation does not discriminate in terms of the industry of employment, class, creed, religion, language, gender, sexuality, age, etc. EVERY industry is bereft with sexual predators eating away at the souls of the hopefuls from the lower rungs of hierarchy – be it banking, education, construction, business, recruitment, service, military, aviation, etc., as well as the “holier than thou” industries such as charity/philanthropy and of course, the church and religious institutions of every incantation. And even the industry known as HOME. For many, sadly, so so sadly, sexual assault has happened at home, or rather “home”.Wherever there exists a hierarchy, of employer and employee, of provider and dependent, of master and worker, there exists as norm, for the most part, the abuse of power which includes sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse.
    2. Hollywood is THE industry that has brought this dark topic of sexual harassment out into the daylight, but it is not the only industry that suffers from this disease. So to the ones that blame Hollywood for being the be all and end all of darkness – take a look at the industry you are currently working in, hang on a minute, do it with open eyes, do you see how many of your colleagues have been victims to sexual harassment and abuse at the same office/industry you thought was holier than Hollywood.  
  2. What do I have to say to the ones that blame the era of Hollywood as the beginning of these exploitations?
    1. Sexual exploitation/abuse/harassment has existed as long as human greed has. It has been documented in cultures and civilizations that have been around for thousands of years.
  3. What do I say to to the ones that say Hollywood needs a little more religion and biblical teachings to clean it off its sins?
    1. Let me say it again – sexual abuse exists in religious institutions including churches and the very priests who propagate the “holy” teachings. For anyone that wants proof – let me direct you to this tool that it available to all but utilized with a conscience by only a few, Google. Try it out. There is more wisdom to be had with the help of Google than just funny videos, constant gratification and nonsensica; keyboard warrior-ing.

The fact remains that Hollywood is nothing but a canvas that shows a structured painting of what happens everywhere, the good, bad and the ugly. I have personally seen the evolution of the fight against sexual harassment. Through my philanthropic foundation, I had assisted many victims with their own cases for many years, and the struggle was difficult. But that all changed with the #metoo movement.  

Let us not let the evolution go to waste. Let us allow the change brought about by Hollywood to set up legislations and laws that protect and PREVENT. Let us reform education so future generations can be transformed.  To the people, that think the #metoo and #timesup movement has gone too far, not yet, it has been a mere year to undo the damages of millennia of abuse.

Hollywood Insider will continue to focus on substance and meaningful entertainment. We are against gossip and scandal. And of course substance and meaning will be served with multiple sprinkles of style, glamour and humor. Above all, we believe in media and its personnel who transform and transmute our world into a better, safer version. I truly hope that the revolution will serve as a catharsis and wipe away the tears of the victims and save the smiles of the future prospects who do not have to “BE brave enough” just to have some ambition. Why should having an ambition be a brave thing to do? Ambition, dreams and happiness should be available to everyone. Hollywood Insider is the go-to media platform for enriching content that combines entertainment, philanthropy and education. I, Pritan Ambroase, truly believe that all entertainment when done right, have elements of philanthropic causes that educate for the sake of all. Hollywood Insider supports all the current and future Ronan Farrows, Reese Witherspoons, Gwyneth Paltrows, Alyssa Milanos,James Van Der Beeks, Lady Gagas, Oprah Winfreys, Rose McGowans, Terry Crews’, Tarana Burkes, Asia Argentos, and the list goes on. Hollywood Insider will continue to prioritize substance over scandal, quality over quantity and transformation over oppression.

With compassion,  

Pritan Ambroase


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